Oh and I got this guys number at a party yesterday. I really felt like we had a connection. I haven’t felt that from a guy in a while.
So I’m excited.

Hey guys!!

So I saw the Local Natives on Thursday! It was such a great show, and it was super personal to me because they’re one of my favorite bands.
I also had a crazy couple days of drinking, (safe and minimal) drugs, and meeting so many cool people.
And now, I really just want to detox, but there’s a huge party for me tonight because I turn 21 at midnight. Wish me luck guys. xD
Wild and free, exactly what I have been needing these past couple months. But this lifestyle certainly isn’t for me.

Had my date last night! It was a success. :)

asked a cute boy out to coffee. He said he would like that. Nbd.